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Ne-Yo: We Can’t Compare R. Kelly & Michael Jackson Allegations, ‘We Got Proof’ On One

While speaking to TMZ, singer/songwriter Ne-Yo stepped up to say that he’s in support of the #MuteRKelly movement, doesn’t listen to his music and states that we can’t exactly compare R. Kelly‘s sexual abuse allegations to those of Michael Jackson.

Additionally, he says, “There were no video tapes of Michael Jackson peeing on little girls and little boys. There was no undeniable proof that Michael Jackson did any of the stuff. Actually, a lot of the people that came forward and said that he did that stuff, came forward after he died and said that that didn’t really happen, that they were just trying to get some money. So, with that being said, no I don’t think we should mute Michael Jackson. We got proof that R. Kelly was doing what he was doing, and we got proof that he’s been doing it for years.”

In addition, he admits that he did look the other way. Though he hadn’t seen the tape, he knew of it and the accusations, and still went on tour with him; claiming, “I didn’t take it seriously because I honestly didn’t feel like it was real.”


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