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Veteran Comedian Alibaba Pushes Against N30,000 Minimum Wage


It is no longer news that the Federal Government has approved N30,000 as the new minimum wage for Nigerians but some people still have issues with it. Veteran comedian, Alibaba, has shared his contemplations on the new increment in the lowest pay permitted by law for Nigerian government workers from N18,000 to N30,000, as upheld by the Nigerian Labor Congress. As indicated by the productive diversion trader, if the current conversion standard doesn’t drop and fuel is as yet transported in, at that point the expanded the lowest pay permitted by law will have no effect. He said

“Market forces will swallow up that salary increase in 3-months. The quality of life has to be much better. The exchange rate has to drop to say N100 to $1, and with fuel still being imported, no chance of that happening.” However, just to make himself happy, he celebrated the increase from N18,000 to N30,000. “Hey let’s celebrate, minimum wage is now N30,000. Some governors who have not been able to pay 18k must now pay 30k. Oya let’s dance jare.”


Alibaba also went on to praise the hustlers on the street who have conquered all odds just to survive. He shared a very touching story on his Instagram page. The story is as follows:

“Shout out to every man out there, who in spite of whatever cards life has dealt them, refuse to let pride hold them down. They cast shame and ego aside, and pick up the courage to become bread winners. May not be the whole bread, but if it’s 4 or 5 slices he brings to the table, THAT MAN, is 100 times better than the man, who moves from one friend to the order, sign posting their predicament and playing victim of economy and circumstances. Once in a while, while in a ride, chat with those who are drivers working in #Uber or #Taxify or #Instanttaxi, and see former bankers, Masters and PHD holders, lawyers, men who lost out of their office politics, lots their life savings, got duped, fell on hard times, became unemployable… who have decided that there is no shame in working.

“There is no shame in hard work… Dignity in labour. The real shame is in begging. Some months back, one of these drivers, told me how he came back to Nigeria. His wife had set him up, when they fell out and she got deported from his place of work, in Baltimore. Man wey come Nigeria carry wife go USA ooo! Was taken it into custody and 3 days later he was on the flight to Nigeria. His 9 years mortgage gone. His 2 kids, 9 and 7years respectively, would now have to be raised by the mum who reported him. After coming back and swimming in that self pity, and shame, he accessed funds he had sent home before. So, he got a vehicle and started his cab business. He drives and sees it as a job.

“In the 2 years that he got back, he spent 6 months torn apart and frustrated. Then he started the cab business. He just got a second car and got a driver. The first driver thinks he (The driver) is doing him that owns the cab a favour. Long story. He has had to take the car from 2 guys… the 3rd one is, wait for it, a Togolese. And he has not had any issues since with him. So, once again, my Big shout out goes to all the men doing everything to make sure that they can take care of their family and all other responsibilities. Na man una be”


Credit: Naijagist


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