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When the cake surpasses your understanding!

When the cake surpasses your understanding!Last month was majorly ‘foody’ for us! If you were not at the Landmark event centre for the launch of ‘tween’ targeted mPulse, you have missed out and there’s is nothing we can do to help you.

We had boat loads, ton loads, gigantic loads of fun at the mPulse Planet, at the Landmark Events Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos! mPulse is MTN Nigeria’s new proposition for tweens and teens aged 9 to 16 and it combines fun, learning and technology in one web-app. Saying we had lots of fun is still a gross understatement. There was fun, more food than we could possibly have and we also got to learn so much at the same time.When the cake surpasses your understanding!

An excited child at the mPulse Launch

But we found a picture that explained our mood throughout the entire event. You see, we went to witness the launch of web-app targeted at tweens and teens that will give them the perfect environment to have fun, learn and face the future of technology. But what we met was over and beyond what we expected. And this girl right here shows all our emotions in one.

Credit: Lib

Ogunmefun Olushola

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