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Ed Sheeran Becomes World’s Richest Solo Artist

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British musician and songwriter Ed Sheeran becomes the

World’s richest solo artist.

The British musician becomes the world’s richest solo artist after taking the throne off fellow Briton, Adele with a turnover of £36,293,611 and a gross profit of £27,376,900. Ed Sheeran literally makes £75,005 a day and £3,125 an hour according to the account released by his company over the weekend.

The British musician had earlier said that money is never his motivation, as long as he is “comfortable.” Ed now surpasses Adele in earnings who made £8.6 million profit in 2017 and has over £41 million cash in the bank according to the revelation made on Friday.

According to reports, Ed Sheeran pays more in taxes now than Facebook did in 2015 and 2016 as he pays £5,293,424 in the UK. However, in the midst of his huge earnings, the singer is said to have paid himself the sum of £8,164 and has over £16 million in the bank.

Ed Sheeran is currently sitting at the ninth position of Forbes’ full list of top-earning celebrities, which includes the likes of football players.










Credit: Variety


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