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After I Made Lil Kesh A Star I Was Sacked- Former Manager Wale Applause Reveals

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Lil Kesh’s former manager, Wale Applause has come out to allege that he was dumped by the artist.

Wale Applause discloses his sufferings in the early beginning when he was on the mission of making Lil Kesh a star in a newly published article titled “True Life Story Of An Artist Manager1“.

In the long piece, Wale Applause dishes out some advice to young people who would like to be artist managers and also artists telling them not to let go of the manager that led them to success.

On Lil Kesh, Wale Applause narrates the story that led to his sack and how he helped Lil Kesh in numerous ways.

Wale Applause wrote “In the beginning, artists are usually under control, they feign humility don’t be carried away. Read between the lines, I saw the signs but I ignored. I remember one day during the heat of promotion, I drove Kesh, Viktoh and Dj Enimoney to Star Fm. Know what they did, they beat the gateman. I mean proper beating. I had to do a lot of damage control for the news not to get out. I am sure till today they must have thought its because they are celebrities. Tueh!”

“Lil Kesh’s first ever show was Cotonou, i am sure he must have thought his song got that big. Shior. I remember my friend Tayo in Cotonou at the time who i spoke to about pushing Lil kesh hard in Cotonou. We forced the students to listen to only him hereby creating a demand. Yes there was a demand but there was no finance. I asked them how much they had, they 50k. I told them to push harder and after many days all they had was 80k. I knew 80k was no going to fly with Olamide as we had a 40;40;20 sharing formula at the time. I got 20 while they got 40 a piece, fantastic sharing formula, i of those reasons i will forever respect Olamide. Told the boys to send their 80k, i personally added my 20k since i knew it was coming back to me. Want to know why i did this? I needed to boost Lil Kesh’s career. What is an artiste without a performance. I needed to also make myself look good too. I called the team to say we had a show, a whooping 100k. I got back my 20k, we had a show, went to Cotonou and back. He became a star.”

Stating the reason for his sack Applause wrote “Here is the reason why i got sacked the first time. I cannot be very specific about the time, but it was when Shoki and Dorobucci were blowing at the same time. My sources said to me that Don Jazzy had gone to lobby the MTV base award for Dorobucci and Reekado Banks was going to come on stage to get the award. I was told that what that translated to was that Reekado Banks was going to win Next Rated at the Headies. I had worked so hard than to make that happen. Now we had Shoki, Gbese, Efejoku. I tried my best but i was just one person. Alas Dorobucci won the award and just as told, Reekado banks was on stage to get it. I went bonkers. Abfresh who was to later manage Lil Kesh just got back from Uk at the time and was staying at my place. I was so sad, i went on twitter and rant. I did rant and mention Don Jazzy well. Then i called Olamide’s attention to my tweets, told him i was sorry it was just a moment of madness, i had rights to be angry. I got a shocker the next day when Olamide told me i wouldn’t manage Lil Kesh again because of a Twitter rant from someone like me, only for him to go on the stage at the headies to declare Lil Kesh Winner himself. I am sure we all remember how that went. I remember watching the Headies in my father’s house in Ibadan as i was jobless, i cried when Lil Kesh wasn’t given the Award, i wanted him to win it for me. I thought my night was bad enough, not until Olamide came on stage to rant and i started wailing. My parents could not console me. I was wailing because all i did was rant on twitter and i became jobless for several months, Olamide goes on stage to disorganize a well organized award and he is tagged a hero even by himself. This pot of beans life.”










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