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Daddy Showkey Apologises To Lepacious Bose For Calling Her ‘Mumu’ 

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Veteran Nigerian singer, Daddy Showkey has apologized to comedienne Lepacious Bose for calling her ‘mumu’. The ‘Galala’ dancer had earlier blasted the comedienne for making controversial comparison between Nigerian and Ghana.

Trouble started when Lepacious Bose, in a recent interview said she loves Ghanaians because they are dark-skinned like her – she further praised the people for staying true to their dark complexion and not bleaching like Nigerians.

She ended up stating that she feels at home whenever she is in Ghana, but never the same when in Nigeria.

However, her comment didn’t sit well with veteran singer Daddy Showkey who slammed her for dragging her country in the mud.

Daddy Showkey, in a now deleted video posted on Instagram said chided the comedienne, calling her ‘mumu’
He said, “Mumu ! Mumu!! Mumu!!! , who dey look for Mumu, Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!! Who dey look for Mumu , we go give you the Mumu for free.”

However, the the ‘Ghetto Soldier’ singer has apologised for goofing, adding that the comedienne shouldn’t have talked about Nigeria in that manner.

He made the apology in a video posted on Instagram: “No vex say I call you mumu shay, but make you sef take your word back. Why u go say Ghana no dey no dey bleach like Nigeria. Ghana and Congo, you no know say dem bleach pass Nigeria. Who dey do bleaching cream for Nigerians in those days. Abeg my dear no vex abeg, i yarn too much, no kain, my people say make i beg you, no vex.”










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