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There is no Number 1 Artist in Nigeria, Yemi Alade states

Pop singer,Yemi Alade, has stated that she is at the same level with the likes of Wizkid and Davido.

Speaking in an Interview on Hot 98.3 Fm, Yemi Alade addressed various topics ranging from happenings in the country, adjusting to stardom and comparisons within the music industry.

The successes of Wizkid and Davido, performing at sold out concerts globally have been well documented and publicized, while that of artists like Yemi Alade, despite also shutting down major events rarely gets equal mention, but the comparisons do not bother her as she believes there is really no number one.

She said:

”What I have done with this kind of career that puts you in the limelight and keeps you vulnerable to everybody’s opinion, is I just have to make sure my opinion is paramount, it is number one…

I respect everybody, we all inspire each other in this industry… there is actually no number one because your top five artistes in Nigeria that are the biggest in Africa can shut down the exact same capacity, the same capacity Wizkid holds down in Africa, I hold it down, the same capacity Davido holds down in Africa, I hold it down, the same venues, we all shut it down.

So there is no number one, and that is the truth but not everybody will agree to that, people will say Yemi shut up but that is the truth.. why don’t we go ask the promoters, the people who know the numbers?”

She also announced that she will be going on her tour of Canada at the end of July and is working on her concert back home in Nigeria soon.

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