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Sex On The Weekend? We Got You Covered With Great Positions To Try Out.

It’s Friday which means the week has ended and for most of us, we want to stay in doors as much as we can and staying indoors means finding activities to keep us inside the house and most especially in bed while listening to great music, or watching a movie or reading a book or having great sex.

I am pretty sure that by now, you know where i am going with this, lol here are  five ways guarantee you one hell of a show in bed.

The Snake

The Snake is the lamest firework but a surprisingly-explosive sex position. Lie on your stomach in the yoga cobra position while your partner enters from behind, also in cobra (either hole is fine). Prop a pillow or toy under your groin for the very biggest of bangs.

The Rockets’ Red Glare

A little spanking makes doggie style real intense, real fast. Alternating sharp smacks on the ass with smooth strokes of his penis will make each thrust feel like a reprieve. Begging is optional, but recommended.

The Weekend Parade

Celebrate your weekend by getting exactly the kind of orgasm you want. Lie on your back with a dildo inside and your hand or a buzzy toy on the outside. Your partner straddles you, touching themselves for your viewing pleasure. You can reach for each other or just behold the sight of the other in the throes. Your choice, because freedom!

The Roman Candle

Make him shoot like a Roman candle with some butt stuff. Your three-part action plan: 1. Wet mouth around the head of his penis. 2. Lubed hand stroking his shaft. 3. When he is super turned on, a lubed finger up his butt and tapping, pressing or stroking on the top wall. (Obvs, ask first! No one likes butt surprises). He can return the favor when (or if) he recovers.

The Indivisible

Your partner faces you in a mirror image so their opposite knee is up. Scoot close and you can kind of hug against each other. If one falls, the other does too. But if you support each other, something amazing happens.

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