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Lil Jon Working On New Music With Usher & Jermaine Dupri

Lil Jon has confirmed that he’s back producing new music, with previous collaborators Usher and Jermaine Dupri. In an interview with Power 106 LA, Jon confirms that the fire is coming.

“It’s actually cool, because me and JD never worked together like that,” said Lil Jon. “So, JD was writing, I was producing, and Usher was singing. We working, we’re trying to get it right.”

The three of them had previously collaborated on Lil Jon’s “Lovers & Friends,” off his classic album, Crunk Juice. Lil Jon also had a big part in one of Usher’s biggest hits, “Yeah.”

As far as music from this decade goes, Lil Jon believes that he’s a definite influence on most of these kids, to the point where his voice gets sampled without the listener even realizing. “Anything people are turning up to right now, they were influenced by me, I think.”

While the rap game has certainly changed since Lil Jon and his Eastside Boyz brought the age of crunk music to the world, he’ll always be respected for having some of the greatest ad libs in all of rap.

Check out the entire interview with Lil Jon below.

Tobi Alli

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