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WOW! Check Out Before & After Photos Of How Dubai Went From Being A Desert Village To A Global Place

You have heard of Dubai before. Almost everyone has and the reason is very simple; Dubai is fantastic. It’s beauty and classy touch draw people from far and wide to its shores.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular destination for many people around the world when it comes to leisure including many Nigerians. The country also boasts of a vibrant and diverse expatriate community based on the comfortable lifestyle obtainable there.
However, very few people realize that Dubai has not always been beautiful. It was a desert. A lot of transformation has occurred in the country since the 1970s when it was formed.
Over time, the city was transformed from the desert that it was to the glorious tourist destination it now is.
Below are some before and after photos as shared by DiscoverYourDubai.

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