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5 super-effective ways to lose weight and burn fat that dieters often overlook

In January we all go on and on about new year resolutions , some of which is to loose that weight! we even go as far as setting targets to  look  better

Having a healthy weight can help us be fitter, more active and get more out of life.

But with so many myths surrounding weight, such as whether you’re the right size for your gender and height and how to lose weight, it’s hard to know where to turn for the best advice.

Tip 1. Take it slow!

Avoid the temptation of a crash diet

Weight loss should be slow and steady – not a quick crash. Eating 500-600 fewer calories a day will help shed 1-2lbs a week.

Tip 2. Exercise little and often

Aim for just over 20minutes exercise a day

Adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Over 65s, or anyone with a medical condition, should speak to their GP first.

Tip 3. Get active and burn calories

Blend extra activities into your week

Men need an average 2500 daily calories and women 2000. Calories measure the amount of energy in food and drink – the more active you are, the more energy and calories are burned. Torch extra calories by walking more, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift or getting off the bus a stop early on the way home.

Tip 4. Drink sensibly

Try to follow the guidelines

Changing how much alcohol you consume can help healthy weight loss – no more than 14 units per week for men and women.

Tip 5. Eat a healthier diet

Eating healthier can save you money too

This is key to weight loss. Eat more fruit and veg – at least five-a- day or seven if you have high blood pressure – and reduce saturated fat intake.



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