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A Cozy Night In And Romantic Sex Positions.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a need-you-literally-right-now quickie, and sometimes you crave slow burn and sensual and all you want is a cozy night in with your lover. Here are a few tips on how to So stay in and create a lot of heat.

The Couch Rocker
For a super intimate position that’s also totally comfortable, have him sit on the arm of the couch. Sit on his lap, facing him, with your feet on the seat cushion. Rock gently while hugging him tight. Look into his eyes during and it’s like a magic love potion.

The Sweet Course
Go ahead and treat yourselves to a candlelit home-cooked meal. Afterwards, sit on the edge of the table, spread your legs, and drizzle a trail of chocolate syrup up your inner thigh. Lie back onto the table so they can lick their way up your leg. Put a little dollop on your clit (not inside anywhere because gross, infection) and let them lick little circles around it. After, return the favor, because you’re good like that.

The Binge Worthy
Lock the door, turn out the lights, and get naked under a cozy blanket for a night Netflix. Be the inner spoon and enjoy the couple snuggliness. Randomly press your bum against him until both of y’all are too turned on and need to press “pause.” He slides in from behind while his leg is wrapped around your hips—you don’t even need to leave the couch. For a tighter feel, straighten your legs and press your legs together. Rub clit as needed.

Bed Fort Bondage
Throw the covers over your heads so you’re in your own little bed fort. Lie him on his back, pinning his wrists above his head. Get on top of them, then carefully slide so you’re laying flat on top of them with your legs between theirs. The angle makes its easier to rub your clit on his pubic bone and the shallow thrusts will keep him lasting longer. Trying to really kiss during sex can feel bouncy and awkward — like two ships grazing past each other in the night — so focusing on telling each other how you feel to amp up the romance. Things like, “I love the way you feel inside me,” and “It’s amazing when you go slow and deep,” can set a very sexy mood.

The Cocoon
Wrap yourselves in luxe throw, drape your arms around his neck, wrap one leg about his butt, the other straight down between his legs. Roll once so you’re wrapped super close together. Pull him closer and deeper with your leg while you’re smooching and luxuriating in your little space for two. You can also grab his butt to help start the rhythm, and if he’s a little slow to grasp that you want romantic sex, not give-it-to-me-now speed sex.

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