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Sex On Your Wedding Night? Here Are 5 Fantastic Positions To Try.

Wedding night sex is different for everybody. Maybe you’re excited virgins fumbling with bra-opening physics . Whatever your situation, it’s wedding night sex, so why not make it as special as possible? (And yes, if you are Champagne-buzzed and totally exhausted, these will work just as well the next morning).

The Happily (Ending) Ever After

If you’re feeling romantic, have him give you a full body rub down with a scented candle or bar that melts into massage oil. Wait ’til you’re arching your back because you want him so damn bad, then have him slide onto your body and enter from behind. (“Behind” = “from the back” not “anal.” Anal is an anniversary thing.) Stretch your arms above and hold hands because you two are cute like that.

The Post-Wedding Bubbly

Invite your new wife to a bath for two with champagne chilling, something yummy to eat, and two fully-charged waterproof vibrators. Pop your vibe in (something that provides inner and outer stimulation would be amaaaazing), looking into each other’s eye and see how long you can indulge in booze and vibrations before someone just loses it. Oral sex to follow for both of you, obviously.

The Wedding Presence

If you’ve been together forever and seen every part of each other a billion times, you can make it new again by super-focusing on undressing each other like it’s the first time. Stand by the foot of the bed and remove each other’s wedding garb slowly, piece by piece, kissing whatever ~parts~ are revealed each time. Really notice the feel of their mouth on you or the way their chest feels under your hand. Prop your foot on the bed for balance and do it standing. Keep your veil on, it’ll feel extra sexy, and when else are you gonna wear it again?

Taking the Plunge

Again, just because you’ve done it *a lot* with your partner before the special day, you can still make it hot. Ban pre-wedding sex for an amount of time that will be semi-painful to both of you. When the big night comes and you’re beyond ready, have him carry you over the threshold, making out during. He props you atop the fancy hotel dresser, slides down your panties, unzips his fly and takes you right there, still in your wedding clothes. Let him handle explaining things to the tux rental place.

The Bedded Bliss

If one of you is a virgin, this night might have even more meaning. Have your partner lie on top of the length of your body—chest to chest, legs to legs—and you rock against him gently with your hips and hands. A very sweet way to start as husband and wife, plus it buffers against too-enthusiastic pounding and lowers the chances of him coming in two seconds because he’s finally—finally!—with you. As always, lube is your BFF.

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