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Did Charlotte Crosby Truly Undergo Boobs Job After Bullies’ Trolls?

The newly single Geordie Shore babe, Charlotte Crosby has confirmed she underwent a secret boob job to correct the wonky breasts caused by a congenital condition, after trolls made her feel horrible about her body.

Charlotte Crosby had the corrective surgery to get rid of her ‘uniboob’ – a symptom of the congenital symmastia she was born with – after cruel followers criticised her “deformed” body on social media.

“If a picture of me is online, people say things like, ‘What is wrong with her boobs? They’re deformed! They’re stuck together!’ And everyone just says really bad things,” she told heat magazine.


However, now-ex Stephen Bear was dead-set against Charlotte having the surgery and told her she shouldn’t go through with it.

“He hated the fact that I wanted it done. He didn’t want me to get it done and kept saying he thought my boobs were perfect, but I was never going to listen to him,” she said.

And while the “scary” operation has left her with perfect 10s, Charlotte hinted that wouldn’t be the last time she goes under the knife.


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